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Please feel free to contact the CDW Partners and our European clinicians and ambassadors via the contact data in their profiles on our 'Who's who' page. They are there to answer any Cowboy Dressage® and general horse and horse riding related question that you might have.

If you have a question about the website, or if you are not sure who to contact, feel free to contact us at:
Your email will be forwarded to whoever is best suited to answer your question or remark.

Another way to get in touch is by messaging your national Cowboy Dressage® Facebook page. These are generally moderated by CDW founders, CD clinicians or CD ambassadors. In any case they are appointed by CDW and have the knowledge and contacts to help you further.

Do keep in mind that it may take a few days before you get an answer; we might be on the road for Cowboy Dressage®.
But rest assured; you will always get a reply.

Why Facebook?

Even though Facebook might not be everybody's favourite, it is an easy and accessible way to communicate across borders. Your favourite clinician and even the CDW Partners are just a click away and events are easily communicated and shared.

Cowboy Dressage® has a general national Facebook page for just about every country and specialty pages about the Vaquero style, Gaited Horses and Handshake Members, to name but a few.

Furthermore, it is also an easy way to share your own Cowboy Dressage® experiences with your friends.
When used wisely, it truly can be a useful communication and information tool.

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