About Cowboy Dressage

"When dressage suits your needs, but a stetson suits your livestyle."

One Picture...

Often times one picture can say so much more than a thousand words. So here are some easy to watch videos about Cowboy Dressage® ...

Cowboy Dressage, then and now. (38 minutes)

Inside Cowboy Dressage, part 1, what it's about and how it began. (9 minutes)

Inside Cowboy Dressage, part 2, Riding a test, incl. explanation. (8 minutes)

Inside Cowboy Dressage, bonus footage

Some more ridden tests, partnership on the ground test, and different breeds of horse.

Cowboy Dressage, the Jog explained

Cowboy Dressage, Soft Feel explained

Cowboy Dressage, Walk Walk Test1